FAITHS and Nonprofit Capacity Building

Taking the lead to transform communities by offering a series of capacity building workshops and one on one sessions for faith and community leaders. 

Faith-based organizations and their non-profit collaborating partners continue to face some of the most challenging economic times in our history.  We believe the sustainability and impact of these organizations greatly depends on their access to true, high quality, tailored capacity building programs, current information and professional one-on-one technical assistance.

There will be a number of small group settings where workshop participants are called upon to demonstrate their understanding and practical application of the non-profit management principles and skills they’ve learned.  The series is geared toward leaders who intend to increase their organization’s impact and play a critical role in laying the foundation for social justice in their community.

The series workshops and clinics are designed to present participants with the full spectrum of essential skills to build organizational stability, program sustainability and achieve community impact.  Capacity building experts will offer strategic direction on how to achieve these goals in today’s philanthropic environment.

Typically capacity building workshops require you to pay an admittance fee, However, OCCUR and The San Francisco Foundation FAITHS Program provide this invaluable workshop series free of charge.  All you have to do is register and attend!