Leadership and Capacity Building Training Series


OCCUR and The San Francisco Foundation *FAITHS  Program is an annual workshop series designed to support faith-based and other non-profit leaders in creating communities of opportunity throughout the Bay Area. Our trainings are FREE and equip participants with the skills they need to develop stable organizations, design impactful programs and build passionate teams.  Sessions are presented in workshop settings and small group intensives. Individual coaching sessions are also available.

*Foundation Alliance with Interfaith To Heal Society 


Strengthen Your Organizational Stability

Strengthen Your Organizational Stability

Strengthen Your Organizational Stability


 Faith-based organizations and their non-profit collaborating partners continue to face some of the most challenging economic times in our history.  We believe the sustainability and impact of these organizations greatly depends on their access to true, high quality, tailored capacity building programs, current information and professional one-on-one technical assistance.  

Interactive Participation

Strengthen Your Organizational Stability

Strengthen Your Organizational Stability


There will be a number of small group settings where workshop participants are called upon to demonstrate their understanding and practical application of the non-profit management principles and skills they’ve learned.  The series is geared toward leaders who intend to increase their organization’s impact and play a critical role in laying the foundation for social justice in their community.  

Topics Designed to Increase Skill Levels

Topics Designed to Increase Skill Levels

Topics Designed to Increase Skill Levels


The series workshops and clinics are designed to present participants with the full spectrum of essential skills to build organizational stability, program sustainability and achieve community impact.  Capacity building experts will offer strategic direction on how to achieve these goals in today’s philanthropic environment.  

Offering One on One Consultation Grants

Topics Designed to Increase Skill Levels

Topics Designed to Increase Skill Levels


Our team of experts is comprised of seasoned non-profit organization consultants to ensure participants enrolled in the capacity building program have access to current, cutting edge resource management information, skill-building workshops and one-on-one technical assistance.  Contact us for a consultation application.

Helping Faith-based and Nonprofit Organizations

Workshop participant interview

Faith-Based Voter Engagement Do's and Don'ts



  • Publish news stories about campaigns...the congregation must be kept informed as best as possible. Also, discuss candidates position on issues with congregation.
  • Rent out the faith organization facilities (e.g. kitchens, athletic facilities, community rooms) for political activities...regular rates MUST apply.
  • Provide rentals of membership lists at regular rates.
  • Allow candidates to make appearances at the organization's event/services.
  • Distribute candidate campaign literature as an individual faith leader.
  • Publish political ads; as long as the regular rates applied.
  • Use organization's vehicle to transport people to vote.
  • Lobby & Campaign for or against legislation as a congregation or an individual. 



  •  Support or oppose the candidates on the congregation’s behalf. 
  •  Use the congregation's funding to give financial contributions of any kind to the candidates/ office holders. 
  •  Impose your opinions on the congregation. 
  •  Publish political ads as a donation. 
  •  Display candidate’s literature on organization’s vehicle to transport people to vote.  
  •  Distribute candidate campaign literature as a congregation.