Did you know?

Soda is big business and a big problem in our communities. Health studies and food mapping research show direct links between poverty, food access, the proliferation of junk food and junk drinks (including soda), and elevated rates of chronic and life-threatening diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. 


Our bodies need water.  Replace those sugary drinks with a bottle of refreshing water with a nice piece of fruit.

Mix a slice of lime or lemon with your water for an even more refreshing taste.

Mix a slice of fresh lemon or lime in your water to enjoy even more of a refreshing taste.

Our Message

To address the adverse effects of sugary beverage consumption on our communities.  Our objectives include:

  • Raising awareness about the harm of junk drinks to children’s health through advertising, direct marketing and in-school campaigns. 
  • Encouraging Oakland’s low-income families and people of color to kick the junk drink habit.
  • Educating children and young people about misleading advertising claims.

Start keeping track!  Over the next few weeks let us know if you noticed a positive difference.  We want to hear from you.

Make the switch today

Fresh is Best!

Yummy with a dash of honey

Yummy with a dash of honey


Yummy with a dash of honey

Yummy with a dash of honey

Yummy with a dash of honey


SHARE YOUR STORY! Try to reduce your sugary beverage intake by at least 80% and let us know if you feel any difference.